Why use ITPS

The ITPS Group holds an unique position in each of these jurisdictions for the following reasons:

1. Market oriented (and not product oriented):
We focus on meeting the needs of the clients;

2. All included fixed fees for structure (trust) services:
In each jurisdiction, tax structure services are charged at annual fixed fees, generally payable in quarterly instalments in advance. Tax planning services are charged at an hourly rate;

3. One contact person is possible for several jurisdictions;

4. Independent:
There is no conflict of interest; we work with all other skilled professionals and (financial) institutions as the client deems appropriate;

5. Personal contact and continuity:
We focus on long-term customer satisfaction, providing proactive, personal, attentive and competent services;

6. Regular meetings:
We visit our customers and correspondents on a regular basis (three to four times a year) to touch base and to discuss opportunities and problems that may have arisen, without a fee being charged;

7. An excellent network:
Since we are not part of an international network, we have built up a network of highly skilled professionals to work with.