Why use ITPS

The ITPS Group holds an unique position in each of these jurisdictions for the following reasons:

1. Market oriented (and not product oriented):
We focus on meeting the needs of the clients;

2. Rendering international tax planning and structure (trust) services:
Tax planning and structure services are complementary. Planning is of no use if you do not structure it. Moreover you can not efficiently structure if you do not take the first step: plan the structure. Therefore, we do not constrain ourselves to trust services. Since we have the combined skill and experience for more than fifteen years, high quality is ensured;

3. All included fixed fees for structure (trust) services:
In each jurisdiction, tax structure services are charged at annual fixed fees, generally payable in quarterly instalments in advance. Tax planning services are charged at an hourly rate;

4. One contact person is possible for several jurisdictions;

5. Independent:
There is no conflict of interest; we work with all other skilled professionals and (financial) institutions as the client deems appropriate;

6. Personal contact and continuity:
We focus on long-term customer satisfaction, providing proactive, personal, attentive and competent services;

7. Regular meetings:
We visit our customers and correspondents on a regular basis (three to four times a year) to touch base and to discuss opportunities and problems that may have arisen, without a fee being charged;

8. Tax sparring and education:
We send out a quarterly newsletter on international tax planning, the International Tax Planning Newsletter, to inform our customers and correspondents on the changes in legislation. Moreover, we strive to built up a (tax) sparring relationship with our customers and correspondents in order to keep each other abreast in a fast changing environment;

9. An excellent network:
Since we are not part of an international network, we have built up a network of highly skilled professionals to work with.